Thursday, 28 August 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iWatch: all the good, bad and hopefully true rumours

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iWatch: all the good, bad and hopefully true rumours

Band on the run ... A possible vision of the Apple iWatch.
Band on the run ... A possible vision of the Apple iWatch. Source: Supplied
ANOTHER day, another Apple rumour.
It’s less than a fortnight to Apple’s biggest launch of the year . And to help Apple fans sing along to “On the 12th day of iChristmas, Tim Cook gave to me ...”, here is a quick guide to some of the best and worst rumours about the iPhone and iWatch.
1. The iPhone 6 will be unveiled on September 9:
This was is set in stone, assuming that stone is not quite solid and subject to change. Apple hasn’t actually announced a date for the iPhone 6, nor has it said it will call its next smartphone the iPhone 6. Actually, you could write a book about what Apple has not said, although it would be a very small book. With no words.
Re/Code’s John Paczkowski broke the news of this date back in August 22 and his leak still stands. We like this rumour much better than the old rumour that the 5-inch iPhone won’t be released until next year.
Rumour quality: Solid gold. This is as good as a certainty and will be confirmed in the next few days. Still not sure? Think about this: when they send out an invitation to an event on September 9, the reflection of the nine will be in shape of a 6. Dan Brown couldn’t write stuff that good.
Expect queues ... September 9 is expected to be the release date for the new iPhone as we
Expect queues ... September 9 is expected to be the release date for the new iPhone as well as the new iWatch. Source: News Limited
2. The iWatch (aka iTime, iBand or iWearablethingie) will be unveiled on September 9:
This is hot news today, courtesy of another scoop from Re/Code’s Paczkowski who says Apple will use the iPhone 6 launch to show off a new wearable. Interestingly, he doesn’t call it the iWatch. Interestingly, he also doesn’t call it a iWheelbarrow. Analyse that for the next few hours and you won’t be alone. Also, Paczkowski calls it “a new wearable” rather than “thenew wearable”. Does that mean there is more than one, in the way a bigamist has “a wife” in here, “a wife” in there and so on until he’s doing the hokey pokey.
Rumour quality: Paying respect to Paczkowski, it’s good enough for us. One big question remains, however. Given there are so many leaked photos of the iPhone 6, why are there no leaked photos of the iWatch?
3. This is the iPhone 6 in a box. (By which we mean no, it’s not)
In the race to be first with the latest iPhone leaked pics, it’s easy to opt for speed over certainty. TechRadar, to be fair, didn’t say they were certain this was actually an iPhone 6 in a box. Still, the fact the same iPhone 6 box was shown off in a YouTube video about a fake Made in China iPhone rip-off is a fair sign that this rumour was way off the mark.
Rumour quality: Some rumours are rated as “hits”. This is a rumour that puts the ‘s’ at the other end of that ranking.


4. I came, I saw, iWatched ... everywhere
VentureBeat broke the news that Swatch and Timex were working on dozens of models of iWatch. That broken news was still broken, when the watchmakers said they weren’t.
Rumour quality: Missed it by that much. To be fair, Swatch makes a iSwatch so really it wasn’t a rumour that was wrong - just misspelt.
5. Name game: What comes after 5S?
One of the biggest challenges for those of us writing about as yet unannounced Apple products is that they are so unannounced nobody has even announced their name. The next iPhone will be probably be the iPhone 6 for the 4.7-inch version and the 5.5-inch version will probably be called iPhone Air, or the iPhone 6L — as in L for “larger than the other one” or “lame name”.
Rumour quality: Definite, by which we mean the next iPhone will definitely have a name. Unless of course Apple repeats the mistake of the New iPad which was a brilliant idea for a name until offcourse the next new iPad came out.
6. The iWatch will measure 2.5 inches
Take your wrist. Draw a 2.5-inch square on it. Does that look good? As a runner who straps his iPhone 5S to his arm, I’m already considering hitting the roids so that the bigger screen 4.7-inch or 5-inch iPhones don’t make my stick-like biceps look even more stick-like. The idea that Apple’s wearable band would be as wide as a playing card — surely they’re joking. It’s not an ace idea. Do they come in pairs? (I’ll see myself out).
Rumour quality: Big deal, no way.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Faulty iPhone Burns Through $30,000 Of Mobile Data

A supposedly “faulty” iPhone landed a man in severe financial trouble after the device racked up an astonishing $30,000 data bill — and UK network Orange tried to take the money from the bloke’s account.
Chris Bovis realised he had been cut off, so he phoned Orange for an explanation. That was when he discovered the network had tried to bill him $US14,000 for exceeding his data allowance. His bank had rather unsurprisingly refused the transaction, so Orange blocked his number. Orange also told Chris his next bill would be around the $US16,000 level.
The actual source of the problem is a little vague. Chris said the iPhone was even downloading data while switched off, with Apple employees agreeing it was broken in some way and replacing the phone. Orange eventually caved in and agreed to reduce his bill to $450, before completely giving up and writing off the entire amount. [Evening Standard]