Thursday, 30 January 2014

Down the toilet, dropped - most popular ways Australians break their phones .....thats why you should insure with PHONEINSURE

WE'RE a clumsy bunch us Aussies. Also a bit naughty it seems, too, as revealed in a recent survey showing how we break our phones and our habits of using our phone in bed.
One in ten Australians have used their mobile phone while having sex to either text, go on social media or take a call from their boss, family or friend, with 20% of these people in the 25 to 34 age group, according to research released by Yatango, an Australian mobile phone retailer.

Andy Taylor, Yatango CEO said: "Is romance dying in Australia? In the lead up to Valentine's Day, [we're] calling on people to take an amnesty from using their phones during intimate moments."
Disturbingly perhaps and according to the research, 45% of those people took a call from a family member and 36% from a friend or colleague - proving that in a 24/7 world, no time is off limits.
In the past two years, over 30% of people have lost or broken their mobile phone one or more times, in various ways, including:
•Falling out of a bag or pocket (46%)
•Dropping it down the toilet (13%)
•Losing it while drunk (13%)
•Sat on it (10%)
•Left it in a cab or at the pub (9%)
•Dropping it in a drink (7%)
•Smashing their phone on purpose (2%)

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